Pritidenta® Single Shaded, Unshaded & Multi-Layered Zirconia Milling Disks

Pritidenta® has developed a seamless gradient look in their multi layered (MultiColor), zirconia milling disks that look natural! 


You can easily choose to position your units lower in the multilayer dental milling disk for a darker shade or higher in the disk for a lighter shade. These esthetic zirconia multilayer disks are available in different shades to achieve different shades within the same disk:

  • A Light (A1-A3)

  • A Dark (A3.5-A4)

  • B Light (B1-B2)

  • B Dark (B3-B4)

  • C Light (C1-C2)

  • C Dark (C3-C4)

  • D

  • Priti Bleach (OM1, OM2, OM3, and 1M1)


Also available are the traditional pre-shaded zirconia milling disks in single VITA shades. You can characterize with any ceramic suitable for zirconia, even low-fusing veneering paste.  All of these dental, zirconia milling disks are revolutionary in strength and translucency compared to the market leader milling disks.


You can choose from 4 different translucency levels:

  • High Translucency (49%)  >650 MPa

  • Extra Translucency (45%)  >1,150 MPa

  • Translucent (40%)  >1,150 MPa

  • Opaque (35%)  >1,150 MPa   Special  Order


These zirconia, dental milling disks allow you the choice to save in material costs by positioning multiple units within the same MultiLayered (MultiColor) disk, to achieve different shades in the same disk! Or you can always chose the traditional, pre-shaded zirconia milling disks, in single VITA shades.


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