KeyModel 3D Printing Resin

KeyModel Ultra 3D Printing Resin

KeyModel 3D Printing Resin

Keystone Industries continues to innovate in the 3D Printing Materials area.  The new KeyModel 3D Printing Resin added to the KeyPrint lineup gives labs a low-cost fast printing material for Dental Models and Orthodontic Models .  Developed with Loctite, KeyModel Ultra contains a release agent so thermoformed appliances don’t stick.  Vacuum-formed Splints and Clear Aligners release from the model after suckdown.  KeyModel Ultra is validated for use on Asiga® MAX, Asiga® PRO 4k, Rapid Shape Microlay, W2P, MiiCraft, Dekema trix™, Flashforge and Shining 3D® printers.

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Uses and Advantages

  1. Ultra-fast printing
  2. Thermoforming quick-release agent
  3. Flawless detail
  4. Multiple available colors
  5. Carve-able without chipping
  6. Pairs perfectly with KeyMask™

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