GC LiSi Press Ingots

GC Initial LiSi Press is a high-strength lithium disilicate ingot with proprietary HDM (High Density Micronization) technology that equally disperses micro-crystals—rather than traditional larger-size crystals—to fill the entire glass matrix, resulting in excellent physical properties and aesthetics. It has a biaxial flexural strength of >500MPa and virtually no reaction layer when divested. The material is wear resistant, stable after multiple firings and optimized for use with GC Initial® LiSi veneering ceramic and GC Initial® IQ Lustre Pastes NF.

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LiSi Press Shade Conversion Chart

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  • Virtually no reaction layer when divested

  • Better material stability after repeated firing vs. emax®

  • True to shade colors –  Less Gray-like color compared to emax®

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