About Us

For more than 30 years, Silcox has been distributing supplies, material and equipment to dental laboratories for the manufacture of dentures, crowns, bridges and more. Silcox offers its clients superb customer service by providing technical support for equipment, answering any and all questions, connecting clients with other labs, and much more!

For the Dental Technician in need of:

  • Dental Lab Supplies
  • Dental Lab Equipment
  • Dental Acrylics
  • Denture Teeth
  • Dental Porcelain
  • And much more!

When you order from Silcox Dental, you’re dealing with people who know dental laboratory supplies inside and out. If you have questions, we’ve got the answers! And we’ll take the time you need to feel confident about your purchase. Call us today, and let Silcox connect you to what you need!