Kulzer Delara Denture Teeth

Kulzer Delara Denture Teeth

Kulzer Delara Denture Teeth

The versatile mid-class tooth line with lifelike aesthetics.

Kulzer Delara Denture Teeth are reliable and versatile and are a vital component of a dental technician’s tool kit. Dental Labs will appreciate Delara’s vibrant lifelike aesthetics, easy handling for enhanced productivity and excellent functionality.  Delara is a perfect choice for any setup possibility with full and partial dentures or dental prosetheses.

Available in:
• 18 upper and 5 lower anterior moulds    ORDER ANTERIORS HERE
• 4 upper and 4 lower posterior moulds with 20° angulation    ORDER POSTERIORS HERE
• 18 vibrant shades (VITA A1-D4 plus bleach shades BL2 & BL3)

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Delara shows lower wear than Dentsply Portrait Teeth

Many Dental Labs currently use Dentsply Portrait Teeth.  The University of Regensburg, Germany, studied Kulzer Delara Teeth vs. Dentsply Portrait Teeth.  Delara Teeth resisted abrasion and wore less than the competitor teeth.   

See Wear Study

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Comparison to competitor teeth: 

Mondial – Premium teeth of superior quality and better value than Portrait or Bioform IPN

Delara – Mid-Line teeth with excellent esthetics.  Compare to Tru Expression or Image

Artic – Value priced teeth with wide range of molds.  Compare to Classic or New Hue

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Designed by dental professionals, for dental professionals using INCOMP and CAD/CAM technology.  Delara offers these advantages:
Beautiful, Lifelike Aesthetics
  • Modern, bright shading (3 layer anteriors)
  • Dynamic light refraction
  • Vivid, enhanced surface structure
  • Anatomical forms
Easy Handling for Enhanced Productivity
  • Polishing buffer
  • Basal grinding reserve
  • Optimized incisal edges
  • Retains shape and layering even after grinding
  • Optimized portfolio of shades and moulds with full range of options
  • Various setup possibilities (tooth-to-tooth to cross bite)
  • CAD/CAM production for easy integration into digital workflows
Value and Performance
  • Excellent functionality with Kulzer quality and durability
  • Great price to performance ratio for mid-priced segment