Gypsum Sizes Reduced

To avoid Special Handling charges by UPS and FedEx, the sizes of some popular Die Stone, Labstone and Plaster are being reduced.  Whipmix has eliminated their 20# and 55# sizes and is packaging all products in 33# boxes.  This welcome change eliminates those extremely heavy 55# boxes.  (Why does 55# feel so much heavier than […]

Faster Dental Model 3D Printing

Many Dental Labs and Orthodontists are interested Dental Model 3D Printing.  Kulzer has introduced a new dima Print resin for models called dima Print Stone which has several advantages: 30%+ Faster Print TIme Improved Dimensional Accuracy Better Heat Resistance for Vacuum Forming Traditional Labstone Buff Color The new dima Print Stone material will save time […]

Characterize PMMA or 3D Printed Dentures

You may wonder, “How can I make PMMA Milled or Printed Dentures look beautiful?”  OPTIGLAZE & OPTIGLAZE Color This light curable composite can work wonders for your lab! Change shades, shift value, characterize, create effects & glaze all your resin type prosthetics Add color, surface gloss and high wear resistance to your Composite, Acrylic, and […]

Discontinued Products? Call for replacements

Are you frustrated by backordered or discontinued products?   We have options.  Here are some suggestions: Ceramco® Porcelain for PFM – GC America Initial® MC Porcelain Lucitone 199 ® Monomer – Diamond D ® Heat Cure Monomer Permasoft ® – Versacryl ® TruExpression ® Teeth – Kulzer Delara ® Teeth Hygenic ® Perm ® Reline & […]

Pritidenta® Single Shaded, Unshaded & Multi-Layered Zirconia Milling Disks

Pritidenta® has developed a seamless gradient look in their multi layered (MultiColor), zirconia milling disks that look natural!    You can easily choose to position your units lower in the multilayer dental milling disk for a darker shade or higher in the disk for a lighter shade. These esthetic zirconia multilayer disks are available in […]

Delara Acrylic Teeth

The versatile mid-class tooth line with lifelike aesthetics. Reliable and versatile, Delara is a vital component of a dental technician’s tool kit. With vibrant lifelike aesthetics, easy handling for enhanced productivity and excellent functionality, Delara is a perfect choice for any setup possibility with full and partial dentures or dental prosetheses. Delara is available in: […]

GC’s LiSi Press

New GC LiSi Press HT - E60 5x3g

LiSi Press ingots This stronger, better-looking lithium disilicate can make your doctors switch from emax® to GC’s LiSi Press! Virtually no reaction layer when divested Better material stability after repeated firing vs. emax® True to shade colors – Less Gray-like color compared to emax® LiSi Press Shades Available in 4 Translucencies:  HT, MT, LT and […]