Protection of Dental Office Workers, Dental Lab Workers and Dental Patients

In order to reduce the amount of airborne contaminants we all contact as part of the Dental Industry, here are some topics for consideration for your Dental Lab and Dental Office: PPE Infection Control – Disinfection Infection Control – Barriers Air Filtration Source Capture We need to review our practices, protections and engineering controls.  Practices […]

PermaSoft is Back!

What is PermaSoft? PermaSoft is one of the most recognizable names in denture reline material.  It has been re-introduced and is available once again.  PermaSoft can be ordered in the following configurations:  Pink Kit, Clear Kit, Pink Powder, Clear Powder, Liquid and Sealer.    What are the Features of PermaSoft? Self-bonding to acrylic surfaces 10-minute […]

Gypsum Sizes Reduced

To avoid Special Handling charges by UPS and FedEx, the sizes of some popular Die Stone, Labstone and Plaster are being reduced.  Whipmix has eliminated their 20# and 55# sizes and is packaging all products in 33# boxes.  This welcome change eliminates those extremely heavy 55# boxes.  (Why does 55# feel so much heavier than […]

Faster Dental Model 3D Printing

Many Dental Labs and Orthodontists are interested Dental Model 3D Printing.  Kulzer has introduced a new dima Print resin for models called dima Print Stone which has several advantages: 30%+ Faster Print TIme Improved Dimensional Accuracy Better Heat Resistance for Vacuum Forming Traditional Labstone Buff Color The new dima Print Stone material will save time […]

Characterize PMMA or 3D Printed Dentures

You may wonder, “How can I make PMMA Milled or Printed Dentures look beautiful?”  OPTIGLAZE & OPTIGLAZE Color This light curable composite can work wonders for your lab! Change shades, shift value, characterize, create effects & glaze all your resin type prosthetics Add color, surface gloss and high wear resistance to your Composite, Acrylic, and […]

Discontinued Products? Call for replacements

Are you frustrated by backordered or discontinued products?   We have options.  Here are some suggestions: Ceramco® Porcelain for PFM – GC America Initial® MC Porcelain Lucitone 199 ® Monomer – Diamond D ® Heat Cure Monomer TruExpression ® Teeth – Kulzer Delara ® Teeth Hygenic ® Perm ® Reline & Repair Acrylic – Lots of […]

Pritidenta® Single Shaded, Unshaded & Multi-Layered Zirconia Milling Disks

Pritidenta® has developed a seamless gradient look in their multi layered (MultiColor), zirconia milling disks that look natural!    You can easily choose to position your units lower in the multilayer dental milling disk for a darker shade or higher in the disk for a lighter shade. These esthetic zirconia multilayer disks are available in […]

GC LiSi Press Ingots

GC Initial LiSi Press is a high-strength lithium disilicate ingot with proprietary HDM (High Density Micronization) technology that equally disperses micro-crystals—rather than traditional larger-size crystals—to fill the entire glass matrix, resulting in excellent physical properties and aesthetics. It has a biaxial flexural strength of >500MPa and virtually no reaction layer when divested. The material is wear […]