Kulzer Delara Denture Teeth

Kulzer Delara Denture Teeth

Kulzer Delara Denture Teeth The versatile mid-class tooth line with lifelike aesthetics. Kulzer Delara Denture Teeth are reliable and versatile and are a vital component of a dental technician’s tool kit. Dental Labs will appreciate Delara’s vibrant lifelike aesthetics, easy handling for enhanced productivity and excellent functionality.  Delara is a perfect choice for any setup […]

KeyModel 3D Printing Resin

KeyModel Ultra 3D Printing Resin

KeyModel 3D Printing Resin Keystone Industries continues to innovate in the 3D Printing Materials area.  The new KeyModel 3D Printing Resin added to the KeyPrint lineup gives labs a low-cost fast printing material for Dental Models and Orthodontic Models .  Developed with Loctite, KeyModel Ultra contains a release agent so thermoformed appliances don’t stick.  Vacuum-formed […]

Air Filtration for Dental

Filter Thickness Comparison

In order to reduce the amount of airborne contaminants we all contact as part of the Dental Industry, here are some topics for consideration for your Dental Lab and Dental Office: PPE Infection Control – Disinfection Infection Control – Barriers Air Filtration Source Capture We need to review our practices, protections and engineering controls.  Practices […]

PermaSoft Denture Reline is Back!

PermaSoft Reline Kit

What is PermaSoft Denture Reline? PermaSoft denture reline is one of the most recognizable names in denture reline material.  Myerson re-introduced Permasoft and made it available once again.  Order PermaSoft in the following configurations:  Pink Kit, Clear Kit, Pink Powder, Clear Powder, Liquid and Sealer.    What are the Features of PermaSoft? Self-bonding to acrylic […]

Gypsum Sizes Reduced

WhipMix Packaging

To avoid Special Handling charges by UPS and FedEx, the sizes of some popular Die Stone, Labstone and Plaster are being reduced.  Whipmix has eliminated their 20# and 55# sizes and is packaging all products in 33# boxes.  This welcome change eliminates those extremely heavy 55# boxes.  (Why does 55# feel so much heavier than […]

Characterize PMMA or 3D Printed Dentures

Optiglaze Color

You may wonder, “How can I Characterize PMMA or 3D Printed Dentures?”  OPTIGLAZE & OPTIGLAZE Color This light curable composite can work wonders for your dental lab! Change shades, shift value, characterize, create effects & glaze all your resin type prosthetics Add color, surface gloss and high wear resistance to your Composite, Acrylic, and PMMA […]

Discontinued Products? Call for replacements

Are you frustrated by backordered or discontinued products?   We have options.  Here are some suggestions: Ceramco® Porcelain for PFM – GC America Initial® MC Porcelain Lucitone 199 ® Monomer – Diamond D ® Heat Cure Monomer TruExpression ® Teeth – Kulzer Delara ® Teeth Hygenic ® Perm ® Reline & Repair Acrylic – Lots of […]

Pritidenta® Single Shaded, Unshaded & Multi-Layered Zirconia Milling Disks

Pritidenta® has developed a seamless gradient look in their multi layered (MultiColor), zirconia milling disks that look natural!    You can easily choose to position your units lower in the multilayer dental milling disk for a darker shade or higher in the disk for a lighter shade. These esthetic zirconia multilayer disks are available in […]

Dental Lab Supply Industry News and Updates

Welcome to the Silcox Dental News Page! This is where you’ll find the latest dental industry news, dental health care research, and market trends from key players in the industry. We’ll also have updates from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and American Dental Association (ADA) about the latest regulatory changes and approvals.

It’s an exciting time for dental products and the dental laboratory market! New technology is being developed every day, enabling dental professionals the opportunity to expand their knowledge and offer high quality services in their dental practice. After all, an array of new tools help practices optimize workflows when giving dental care.

The field of digital dentistry is exploding and orthodontic practitioners can offer customers more options than ever before. Cad/Cam software helps technicians achieve a more accurate portrayal than ever before of a patient's mouth so that dental appliances fit more comfortably. Advances in dental material lets dental technicians create dentures using cutting edge ceramics, zirconia, and resins. New machines and 3D printers result in shorter turnaround times for dental appliances than ever before and these advancements mean more comfort and improved oral health for the end users: your patients.

Stay Informed on Dental Topics

Remain on top of the latest news in the industry, no matter what type of dental service you offer. Whether you’re a dentist, orthodontist, or dental lab technician, the information you’ll find here will keep you aware and educated about what’s on the horizon for the dental supply industry. The next development is just around the corner and you, along with your dental lab or practice, can be ready for it!

Make sure to keep checking our news page for dental industry news from North America and the rest of the world.

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Silcox Dental Supply has been providing dental lab supplies and equipment to dental laboratories for over 30 years. Our extensive history in the dental supply business gives us the knowledge and the edge that all of our customers expect when they come to us. We also stay up-to-date on new products and the latest technology and developments in the world of dental supplies, so that our customers can get the best information about their future needs.

We pride ourselves on offering the best customer service and technical support to meet our goal of ultimate customer satisfaction. All you have to do is fill out our contact form, or if you prefer, call us at 800-377-1448 to speak to one of our representatives. Our website is easy to navigate for the best shopping experience. You can easily browse our selection of products by product type or search for specific brands. Silcox Dental Supply is your one-stop resource for dental laboratory equipment and supply needs!