GC’s LiSi Press

New GC LiSi Press HT - E60 5x3g

LiSi Press ingots

This stronger, better-looking lithium disilicate can make your doctors switch from emax® to GC’s LiSi Press!
Virtually no reaction layer when divested

  • Better material stability after repeated firing vs. emax®
  • True to shade colors – Less Gray-like color compared to emax®

New GC LiSi Press HT-EXW 5x3g ingots

All LiSi Press Shades & LiSi Pressvest Investments

LiSi Press Shades

Available in 4 Translucencies:  HT, MT, LT and MO depending on indication and technique.  All shades have opalescence and fluorescence required for life-like restorations.